Vinyl Cape!

Upcoming release of VINYL CAPE 7″ will be available soon via DIYBANDITS! Check out their upcoming tour.

VINYL CAPE is a reference to the uncanny affectations of a manufactured Halloween costume. This is a tongue-in-cheek nod to “evil” as depicted in Popular Culture. The brainchild of road-tested experimental hip-hop vocalist BRZOWSKI, hyper-prolific producer C $ BURNS, and CT’s turntablist-extraordinaire MO NIKLZ, Vinyl Cape seamlessly absorbs and synthesizes the audiovisual trappings of Hip-Hop, Doom Metal, Goth aesthetics, Outlaw attitude, and the seedy underbelly of Psychedelia into a spellbinding mongrel that possesses the genetics of these subcultural tropes, with zero degrees of Purism remaining.

This formidable trio made their official live debut in late 2013 at the 2nd Annual Portland Prog-Rap Summit in Portland,ME, and at the Yule-Prog 7 Fest in Brooklyn, NYC.
They join NYC underground staples UNCOMMON NASA and dj SAMURAI BANANA (of Karma Kids) for five dates in the northeast this June.”

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DIY Bandits have launched our bandcamp, fully equipped with digital/physical releases.  

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Check out the new album Great Vapour. Majority Nothing. by Disco Absurdo.  Available for $6-$10 sliding scale ppd. from Bandits HQ.  Check out more from DiscoAbsurdo at

As a special new years combo deal we are offering our 2 most recent releases: Disco Absurdo and Adventure Adventure cds both for only $8ppd.

If you want more than just 2 cds we have another offer:  P.T. Burnem’-ornithopter 12″ vinyl and the 2 cds in the offer above, all for only $16ppd from Bandits HQ!  That’s 2 cds and 1 vinyl (and we’ll probably even throw in some free extras for ya.)   This deal gets you a great varity of conscious, DIY music ranging from punk to hip hop, techno to folk & electronic!

Lastly we’d just like to mention “Beasts of the Southern Wild” one of the Bandits favorite movies from 2012 is now out on dvd and we suggest you check it out if you get a chance.

Adventure Adventure – Ignorance Is Bliss – New Release!

New full length CD available through mail-order $6-$10 sliding-scale ppd. 

Check out the catalog! Adventure Adventure is a band from North Carolina, they run a faction of Bandits on their own and have been playing shows with friends like P.T. Burnem and Ceschi Ramos. Check em’ out!


We are proud to introduce to you ICEBOX. They are on TOUR RIGHT NOW! Check out our Catalog for more info!

The latest Bandit release is Live the Dream by RAMSHACKLE GLORY. Former front man of Johnny Hobo & the Freight Trains and Wingnut Dishwasher’s Union spent a year in the desert and came out with a new band!


You can order the cd here for on a  $8-$10 sliding scale.  We also have posters of the cover.  More info about the cd can be found in our catalog.

We’ve been so busy around here things fell behind a bit but it seems like we are getting back into action now and have a few old projects to work on (johnny hobo/mantits tape re-issue) and some newer projects (a 7inch by paulie think) and a few new bandit factions will also emerge this summer!  so keep your eyes open and you pistols loaded.

A word on our lack of quick e-mail communication:

When you picture Bandits in your mind which of  the following are you more likely to envision; women & men running down the streets at midnight with bandannas hiding their faces & pistols tightly gripped in their hands or do you envision people hunched over steering into the dole glow of a computer screen?

Our point is that when the DIY Bandits was formed years ago the idea of spending long periods of time behind a computer was not part of the plan.  We were interested in writing letters and still are…that being said consider writing to us through the actual mail.  We will respond to emails but maybe not as quick (we mean that-a letter might actually be quicker.)

Sorry for all the emails that went unchecked.  We are working on responding to them slowly (with the exception of people asking for shows because we aren’t booking any currently.)  We are being honest here: email is not our first choice of communication and we feel we’ve been somewhat forced into it more than we desire.  So please write us it’s so much more exciting and fun.


Paulie Think’s Pocket Full Of Quarters

Watch. Watch it again. Share. Listen to more of Paulie Think’s Feel This. Then watch this again.






By the Cavehunter

Before we get into the main points of this article we think it is best you understand two key questions:

1. What is revolutionary violence?
2. Who is revolutionary violence being defended from?

When trying to define revolutionary violence many descriptions can and have been used. For this particular situation we will use the following: Revolutionary violence is violence targeted at an oppressor (or a system that supports the oppressor) with the goals of liberating a group of people. Furthermore revolutionary violence is violence not sponsored, sanctioned or carried out by the state. Revolutionary violence is more often than not carried out by members of the civilian population often using methods of (but not limited to) guerrilla warfare. Revolutionary guerrilla warfare only targets the oppressor and never uses indiscreet, random violence against the general population (unlike the state).

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big tree vs. Big Men

last week they cut down the big oak tree on our street

Big Strong Men swung from ropes while others yelled vulgar words

not too far up the street in the corporate restaurant Big Strong Men scream

“SHUT UP AND COOK!” at the humble workers

not too long ago Big Strong Men came and blocked off the path to the dam at the top secret bandit geen

soon a man will be president and Big Stong Men will stand around him with guns so he feel safe and important

Big Strong Men in philly with tight blue pants and shinny badges swung a nightstick at my mouth

foreigners run and hide while Big Strong Men from the american army ride humvees and blast their guns

Big Strong Men sit in the cage downtown getting drunk and laugh at the poor people who ride the bus

it wasn’t that long ago he said “you’re not small.  You make yourself small.”

i’m not exactly sure what he ment by that but perhaps he knows i don’t want to be a Big Strong Man